Price of website development

Building a website

The price of building a website depends on the time it takes us to make one. We know this after you tell us what kind of website you need and when you send us the material we need for creating the website.

However, we can give you some approximate prices at this early stage. The type of website typically defines the price. There are standard presentations that differ from the interactive ones or the e-commerce websites.

This is the basic difference between the service packages we offer to all potential clients.


Standard presentations

Standard presentations are the simplest because they are ordinary WordPress sites where we take into account the design, basic SEO optimization, as well as simplicity of the interface.


Interactive presentations

Interactive presentations have many additional options that aim at offering higher interaction with the users. These presentations are basically the same as the standard ones, but they offer more functionality which requires much more time to build them.


E-commerce sites

E-commerce sites are the most difficult to create because they integrate very complex services necessary for selling and payment of services and goods. Such sites require a special agreement on the number of items, as well as additional options that they may have.