Website building



You can contact us via the contact form and write exactly what kind of presentation you are interested in (standard, interactive, or e-commerce), and if you are interested in some additional options.

List the pages you wish for your website, and if it is an e-commerce site, give us the number of products/services you would like to have on the site, as well as the billing system you would use. Also, send us some examples of the websites you like, so we can know exactly what you need.

The offer

Once we study your requests, we can define the time we need to create the website you want. This is the basis for the determination of all potential costs, as well as the fixed ones such as the cost for the domain name and hosting, but also the costs of themes and premium add-ons that your site would use.

We will send you an e-mail with a specific offer that contains everything you need to complete the website. The offer will also contain a detailed description of the website and the price of our service with all costs included.

Domain name and web hosting costs

You can choose the domain name as well as web hosting. We also offer professional hosting from one of our servers, which are perfectly optimized regardless the type of website you need.

Our servers are located in several different data centers in Europe and the United States. We can also give you advice on the selection of package and hosting platforms.

Website development

If you have not already provided us with all the required material for the website, then you need to do so in this step. We will assign you one developer who will go through all the stages of website development with you, from the beginning to the launching.

In the meantime, we will consult you about various aspects and details regarding the site development. When the site is ready, you will be shown the beta version of the site so that all your suggestions and objections can be taken into consideration and implemented on the site.

Only when everything is finished and all objections eliminated, we will make the website public so that the visitors from all over the world can visit it.

Training and technical support

We deliver “turnkey” system websites. You will be able to maintain it yourself, because working in WordPress is very simple, even for those less technically skilled users.

We can do that for you as well, should you have any needs for that. In that case, we can make a subsequent agreement on all the conditions regarding the website maintenance.

If you plan to maintain the website by yourself, we will provide you with adequate training to do so and if necessary, our technical support is always at your disposal. We will meet all your requirements as soon as possible.